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Dispute Resolution Process

The dispute resolution process of FDRC comprises:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration


When an Application is first received, FDRC’s Case Officer will verify if the application is within FDRC’s Terms of Reference. If the case is accepted for Mediation, both the Claimant and the relevant financial institution will pay the required Fees for Mediation. The Case Officer will arrange for the Mediation to be conducted.



Where the dispute is not settled by Mediation, the Claimant may wish to proceed to Arbitration. The FDRC conducts Arbitration on a “documents-only” basis. An Arbitral Award is final and binding and can only be appealed on point of law.

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You are welcome to attend our briefing session, which is held every Wednesday & Thursday. During the briefing session, the enquirer would get to know more about our services and how mediation can help to solve their dispute.

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