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CPD event: Facilitative versus Evaluative Mediation (2020)

Mediation is becoming more and more prominent in society. The facilitative mode of conducting mediation has been used extensively in Hong Kong and some advocates believe that this form of mediation has its drawbacks and are actively advocating for the evaluative mode of conducting a mediation.
Date: August 24, 2020
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Speaker: Dr Christopher To
Fee: $150
CPD: HKMAAL (pending), HKIAC (pending), The Law Society of Hong Kong (pending), Hong Kong Mediation Centre (pending), FDRC (2 points)
The seminar will focus on the following areas:-
  • Facilitative mode of conducting a mediation.
  • Evaluative mode of conducting a mediation.
  • What are the differences between the two modes of conducting a mediation?
  • Benefits and risks associated with the two modes of conducting a mediation.
  • Should the two modes be used interchangeably throughout the mediation?
  • What concerns should one be aware of in adopting the evaluative mode of mediation?
  • When to evaluate? How to evaluate? What form should the evaluation take?
  • What to do when the evaluation by the mediator is different from the client's independent legal opinion?
  • What areas should one be aware when preparing for evaluative mediation?
  • What role should the Solicitor adopt when in the evaluative mode of conducting a mediation?


For enquiry: 2901 1224; seminar@jointmediationhelpline.org.hk

(24 August 2020)

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