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Other Activities

Financial Dispute Resolution Centre (FDRC) promoted its dispute resolution services at the Sheung Wan Promenade Fair

FDRC is promoting its “Mediation First, Arbitration Next” financial dispute resolution scheme by out reaching to the public in the various districts.

It participated in the Sheung Wan Promenade Fair organised by the Central and Western District Council close to the Western Market on Sunday 3 February 2013.

A promotion booth was set up and information on FDRC services and contact details was exhibited.  FDRC staff members at the promotion booth explained FDRC services by distributing leaflets and answering questions raised by the public.

To disseminate information on FDRC to members of the public in an interactive way, a Q & A game was carried out. People who answered the question correctly received an FDRC souvenir. The response was overwhelming as over 600 members of the general public participated in the Q & A game. Those who answered the question correctly happily took home an FDRC souvenir.



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