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Our Disciplinary Committee

Ms Clarie LO KU KA-Lee

  • Non-official Member, The Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee
  • Managing Director, private company
  • Counsellor, China-United States Exchange Foundation
  • Chairman, Alliance of Anti-Drug Professionals Association
  • Director, Hong Kong Institute of Business Ethics & Sustainability Ltd
  • Director, Hong Kong-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Foundation

Ms Clarie Lo is currently a Non-official Member of the Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee and a managing director of a private company. She was the former Commissioner for Narcotics and former Deputy Secretary of the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau. Ms Lo has extensive experience in leadership position in the government and NGOs, particularly in areas such as financial services, international relations, housing and Mainland China affairs. She also served as the President of the inter-governmental Paris-based Financial Action Task Force, the leading global organisation working to address anti-money laundering and terrorist financing issues. She was the founding CEO of the China-United States Exchange Foundation, a leading organisation promoting enhanced China-US relations and still serves on its Board of Counsellors. She also chairs and sits on a number of NGO Boards and Foundations.



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