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Welcome !

Welcome to the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre ("FDRC") website.  

We administer an accessible, efficient and transparent Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme ("FDRS") whereby independent and impartial mediators and arbitrators will provide mediation and arbitration services to financial institutions and their customers in Hong Kong. With enhanced public awareness of the benefits of alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") processes such as mediation and arbitration, we are certain that Hong Kong would continue to excel in its status as an international financial centre.

“Mediation First, Arbitration Next ”.

We operate as a non-profit making organisation and are governed by a Board of Directors. Our FDRS will facilitate customers resolve financial disputes with their financial institutions amicably by way of primarily “Mediation First, Arbitration Next”. If mediation does not result in settlement, claimants may decide to go to arbitration.

This website provides information and guidance on our services so that you can access and utilize our services.

Thank you for visiting our website. Your comments, questions and remarks are welcome. We have set up a 'Enquiries' corner. Your views are essential for us to maintain an up to date website and customer-friendly service.